How We Do It

You can expect a time of heartfelt and passionate worship, followed by a "right now" Gospel message that will challenge and empower you. Prayer and ministry is offered during every service, as well as friendly faces and a family atmosphere. After every service, you can join us for coffee and snacks in the welcome room to get to know the City Alive family, including our leaders and Pastors.

At City Alive, we are regular every day people! Please wear whatever you're comfortable in! Our heart's desire is that the focus will be more on what God is doing in this house than what we're wearing. 

Our worship services are designed to join in the worship that is already taking place in Heaven. Jesus is worthy of all of the praise, and honor and glory and we strive to give that to Him with all of our passion and zeal, every service. We use modern worship music and we love to clap, dance, sing, and shout. It is not uncommon to see someone worshipping Jesus with tears in their eyes, or on their knees at City Alive Church.

The Pastors and leaders at City Alive Church don't just study to find a message to bring to you every week, but rather, they spend time with The Lord, getting to know Him and His heart personally... so that out of the overflow of that relationship, the messages come. Whether it is firey preaching, or gentle teaching, we commit to allowing God to have His way in every service. We believe the Bible is the only true Word of God and the truths found in the Bible govern our teaching and preaching.

Getting involved at City Alive is easy! Come to our "Next Steps" meeting after Sunday service, where you will learn more about who we are, what we're doing, and how to get plugged in immediately! "Next Steps" is held every other Sunday, so check out the calendar to see when the next one is!